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Wherein I talk about Wonder Woman’s underpants.

A friend emailed me and asked what my problem with them switching Wonder Woman back to the star-spangled underpants on that first issue cover was and I spent a little bit thinking about it and wrote this.

The problem was nothing to do with what she was wearing and all to do with it being an obvious step backwards. They put out all this new material to the press with all this hullabaloo about new costumes and new versions of the characters and being more forward thinking and then tried to dial it back. If they’d just started with her wearing the undies instead of the pants I wouldn’t have cared, but it was that they said one thing and then tried to change it and hope no one would notice. Then when grilled about it, instead of just saying, “we changed our minds” they came up with one of the silliest answers ever and said her pants are retractable. I’m sure there’s a large number of comic fans who complained about the pants that hope the “retractable” thing ultimately leads to this. It’s the same creeps that complain that Supergirl isn’t sexy enough and got mad when they started drawing her wearing shorts under her skirt. 

They’re trying to reach a whole new readership with this big reboot, and one of the main audiences (I think/hope) they’re aiming for is kids. I just don’t think little girls should think the only way they can be superheroes is to dress like a stripper on Halloween. I mean, when Wonder Woman was created, at least she was wearing a skirt.

I like sexy ladies as much as the next guy, but there’s a point when you realize that maybe superhero comics aren’t the best place for things to be over-sexualized. Kids should be able to go into a comic store and get a copy of a comic called “JUSTICE LEAGUE” and not be beaten over the head with gratuitous T&A and ultra-violence.

That’s what anime is for.



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    the reason why they did is simple: manipulation through prime-psychology. i’m not interestend anyway to see megan fox,...
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    Retractable pants. I have dreamt of them. But like so many sleepy imaginings, I can’t quite picture them.
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    This is exactly what infuriates me about DC’s shift back to underpants on Wonder Woman. Chris Haley is a smart fellow.
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    Thank you, Chris! Well said. "Retractable"?? Sheesh
  8. davereed said: THANK YOU Very well-said
  9. meisterj said: Something I get tired of is seeing things like that WW on DA with a million comments saying it’s pretty much ‘the best thing ever!!1!’ when it’s essentially softcore porn. I’ve seen poor work get lauded because it was a naked woman.
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